Health Insurance Merger Hold Up

A Washington DC Judge halted the merger of Aetna and Cigna healthcare Insurance companies.

The multi-billion dollar merger would maximize the independent entities wealth while monopolizing the insurance industry as forecasted by Judge(s).

Although Aetna & Cigna feels the merger will assist with lower healthcare cost and streamline services.

What are your thoughts on a MEGA insurance company controlling your healthcare, specifically if you live in Colorado?




National Public Radio (2017). Judge Blocks health Care Merger, Saying It Would Hurt Competition. Retrieved from.

Unemployment Benefits & Drug Testing

Did you know the United States Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration (ETA) has established a final rule of drug testing candidates seeking unemployment benefits if the following:

  • If the applicant was terminated from employment with the applicant’s most recent employer because of the unlawful use of a controlled substance.
  • If the only available suitable work (as defined in the law of the state conducting the drug testing) for an individual is in an occupation that regularly conducts drug testing (as determined in regulations by the Secretary.

To ensure the United States highways, byways, and air is safe.

Addiction is apart of our reality; seek insight and help before you loose the assistance.


Cultivating Marijuana or Hemp

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has released several actions in reference to the research and cultivation of marijuana.

Although we all may or may not know, hemp is a derivative of marijuana. The reality is marijuana is Schedule I drug (controlled substance).

Which means it is not truly legal unless under the medical supervision of a physician (DEA, 2016).

It also means we cannot grow it for research and or recreational use, abuse, or resale.


You don’t have to believe me, just read…………


DEA Announces Actions Related to Marijuana and Industrial Hemp


Homage to a Pioneer Addiction Practitioner

The opioid epidemic has been rising within the last five years.

The dedicated human services addiction professionals research, educate, treat and rehabilitate the community “1” individual at time.

A profound practitioner of color with an origin of Trinidad Dr. Elmer Neal has left a lasting imprint and treatment legacy for over 40-years. As one of the first Doctors’ of color in Richmond, Virginia, Dr. Elmer Neal treated many patients, clients, friends, and loved ones with respect despite their defect.

In the words  of my friend, my mentor, and our helper

“Helping people is what I love to do and I have never worked a day in my life”

Dr. Elmer Neil

Beginning 1936 Legacy 2016

Does a NAME change the GAME?

Since the beginning of time a name defines fame……………

For example

The “Huxtables”, a prominent Black American Family reared by two doctors with profound education and dedication “The Cosby Show”

The “Keatons” a middle-class Caucasian American Family reared by two parents with one philosophical father providing wisdom and insight. “Family Ties”

Therefore if you had to choose would you prefer a

PhD Psychologist or Licensed Psychologist NAME as a profession or professional?

If both can aid you in success professionally or personally does it change permanently the educational and or personal dedication, determination, and financial sacrifice for service to the community?

In 2016 a NAME appears to change the helping GAME

What a SHAME

 A Reference for Insight & Thought

It’s Getting Scary Out There, Dr. Seratine Shows Us Why

It’s Getting Scary Out There—Dr. Serafine Shows Us Why

SHAME in the Medicine Game

Shame is the fear of being unlovable or un-liked (Brown, 2012).

When the children have a game or an assignment due, your partner, friends, or family needs something from you, and your boss expects you to produce while the Internet is down. The feeling of being overwhelmed is not an option to express but our behavior to demonstrate the balance of perfection; the additive –inverse of anxiety, fear, and shame.

This is also how one may feel when physiologically the need for a medication is required for psychological well-being and homeostasis; shame.

Medicine the origin of “medicinal” was derived for healing ALL psychological and physiological elements. Addiction is a psychological and physiological disease


No one should be shamed and or ashamed to accept and support the medicine that will bring homeostasis and EASE

Despite the controversial belief of DIS –EASE

Shame is universal

A Reference for Insight & Thought

Treating Opioid Addiction With A Drug Raises Hope and Controversy

Brown, B. (2012). The Gifts of Imperfection, Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who you are.

Addiction Lineage

You are constructed of 46 genetically inherited genes; 23 from your mother 23 from your father at times the uniquely inherited genes transcend into lineage challenges.

Addiction is a lineage challenge

Research conducted at the University of Michigan, University of Alabama Birmingham, and Shelly B. Flagel (2016) revealed two specific genes fibroblast growth factor and dopamine D2 receptor demonstrating a relationship as lineages in genetic predispositions of addiction.

Therefore social drinking and recreational drug use is not simply self-control but also heritage affliction.



Addiction Scientific Research

Cannabis Societal Reality

Although there is a controversial perspective on the significant use or abuse of cannabis for therapeutic or recreational purposes; the long-term effects of this leafy plant modified in various forms for ingestion has demonstrated and profound imperfection. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAA) (2016) approximately 6 million people experienced marijuana use disorders within the last year. The findings from the 2016 National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions (NESARC) demonstrated a connection of marijuana use disorders and other mental health disorders even after the decrease of cannabis use.

Therefore you must determine the controversy of helping or hurting, but you have to ingest it for yourself ……



National Institutes of Health (2016). Marijuana use disorder is common and often untreated. Retrieved from

MT. Dew Toxic Mix

With a new year comes a new cheer of exploration and intoxication of sometimes-fatal realities.

A new cocktail titled Dewshine has been identified in the deaths of two teenagers through the raven exploration of this intoxicating toxic drink. The cocktail is a combination of MT. DEW, (the product produced by Pepsi Corporation) and Gasoline; not to be mistaken for the Pepsi Corporation as the producer of this illicit toxic (Medical Daily, 2016). Although Pepsi does have a legal product titled DEWSHINE that does not contain gasoline, DEWSHINE is marketed as a soft drink for exploration of positive cheer (Pepsi Corporation, 2016).

Although it may not be you do you know what is is others Mt. Dew?



Medical Daily (2016). Gasoline Coctail Using Mountain Dew May Have Killed 2 Tenns: What Drinking Gas Does to Your Insides. Retrieved from

Pepsi Corporation. (2016) DEWHINE Products. Retrieved from

A Stretch In Treatment

Stress is a major contributor to anyone’s stress and a vital trigger to drug use, abuse, or relapse. Gaining insightful tools to manage the level of stress is a life savor and a preventive measure in treatment and rehabilitation.

Engaging in a simple stretch also known as Yoga can tone and calm the psychological and physiological effects of stress (National Institutes of Health, 2015).

Although you may not want to……. take a moment to stretch with a Yoga technique and let your body and mind do the wrest.


National Institutes of Health (2015) Americans who practice Yoga report better wellness, health behaviors: Analysis reveals reasons for use of yoga, supplements, and spinal manipulation. Retrieved from.